Our school is now solar powered

The lower primary school of Daribokgre is now solar powered. Thanks to SELCO Foundation who have adopted our school and provided several lights, fans and also a SMART TV, all of this will be running entirely on Solar power. In today’s age, leaning has become multidimensional and the SMART TV will immensely help our childrenContinue reading “Our school is now solar powered”

Community work for Anganwadi Centre

The best thing about villages is the fact that they still come together for common objectives. And when everyone works together for the benefit of community as a whole, miracles can happen. Recently, in order to speed up the foundation works of Anganwadi Centre, the whole village came together and contributed in community work toContinue reading “Community work for Anganwadi Centre”

Solar electrification by G.H.E

One of the major components of the model village concept is green and surplus energy. We are glad to share that Global Himalayan Expedition has solar electrified our model village Daribokgre through raising CSR. All 37 houses have been provided with lights and fan powered by solar. Few solar street lights also have been installedContinue reading “Solar electrification by G.H.E”

Youth Volunteers as Teachers

Voluntarism is one of the core values of the Model Village Project and in line with that we are happy to share that few youngsters from District Headquarters had volunteered to go to Daribokgre model village and to teach the youth there basic communication skills. In fact, when they reached the village, they observed thatContinue reading “Youth Volunteers as Teachers”

Lotsing is our Village Coordinator

During the first visit to the village for meeting with the residents, we had also organised interviews for the local youth for the role of Village Coordinator. Village Coordinator will be the backbone of this project at the village level. S/he is supposed to mobilise all people, motivate them from time to time and toContinue reading “Lotsing is our Village Coordinator”

Daribokgre Village Pilot Project

Daribokgre is a village in the East Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. It has 35 households and is one the most scenic tourist places in the Garo HIlls offering stunning views of the hill ranges. We have already held the first meeting with the villagers explaining them this project and they are really excited andContinue reading “Daribokgre Village Pilot Project”