Our school is now solar powered

The lower primary school of Daribokgre is now solar powered. Thanks to SELCO Foundation who have adopted our school and provided several lights, fans and also a SMART TV, all of this will be running entirely on Solar power. In today’s age, leaning has become multidimensional and the SMART TV will immensely help our children to learn more and learn better.

Another great development with regard to the school is that, in collaboration with Sauramandala Foundation, two teaching fellows have been identified and both of the girls are already staying in Daribokgre village and helping to improve the learning among the school children. They will be there in the village for one year.

They are already making a great impact and suddenly the attendance of children has drastically increased. Apart from learning from books, they are also engaging children in several activities like cleanliness drives and sports. We look forward to this year of transformation.

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