Lotsing is our Village Coordinator

During the first visit to the village for meeting with the residents, we had also organised interviews for the local youth for the role of Village Coordinator. Village Coordinator will be the backbone of this project at the village level. S/he is supposed to mobilise all people, motivate them from time to time and to coordinate with all other stakeholders. I was happy to find this energetic and enthusiastic youth Lotsing who was already the village secretary.

Every week he comes to meet me at DC Office and keeps me updated on the progress of various works initiated during the first village visit. He is also constantly motivating and helping other villagers to push for completion of various works. Youth can be the power engine of our development discourse but the direction has to be set right.

Having someone in the village with this kind of determination and commitment helps a lot. Just imagine if youth of all villages take such a resolve to take village forward on all fronts. That will be the moment India shall rejoice. The role of a young Village Coordinator is pivotal to this project. Once the village achieves all the targets and becomes a model village, we will be handing it over to these young leaders to ensure that it only improves from there.

Looking forward to the youth energy of the nation in our projects.

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