Documents for all

For availing various scheme and projects, some basic documents are needed for registration and identification process. In the preliminary village survey, it was found that many of the villagers were not having basic documents like Aadhar and Election ID. So it was decided that special camps shall be organised to enrol all of them in one go.

To kickstart this process, an Aadhar enrolment camp was organised in the village by sending a special team. The team also stayed there for a night and attempted to cover all the remaining residents. Due to some network and technical issues, the process could not be completed and the team shall be sent again. On similar lines, the Booth Level Officer (BLO) will ensure that all eligible persons of the village are having election ID. Special camps for other documents will also be organised.

The idea is to get all the basic set of documents ready for all the residents of Daribiokgre so that when the awareness on schemes starts, they can enrol without any delay. Yes the covid scenario has slowed down the efforts on various fronts, but it has only slowed it, not stopped. We shall overcome this too. And we shall go full throttle soon.

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