Let’s start with the school

Most will agree that we should start with revamping the village school. So I had visited the school building which is mostly okay but surely needs a make over. I also called up the two teachers of the Daribokgre SSA LP School for a discussion on how we could help them improve the enrolment. So the present scenario is that this village school only has 10 children enrolled and rest are walking 10 kms one way to go to some private school. Reasons being the fact that there are only two teachers and the school does not have proper infrastructure support for the children to learn.

So here are the things needed to improve the school performance and enrolment –

  1. The school needs to be beautified and painted immediately. Minor repair works will also be needed.
  2. The school does not have electricity, so Solar Power Support would be great.
  3. There is no place for the teachers to stay as they both belong to other places of the district. Perhaps we can make two rooms for them to stay.
  4. Teacher trainings need to be arranged and equipments need to be provided to them to improve the teaching process.
  5. The school has no sports items for the games period.
  6. More teachers will be needed as we start to get more enrolment from the village. Volunteers are welcome to come, stay in village and to help the teachers.
  7. A small library meant for Class 1 to Class 5 can be setup.

List can go on and on, but let us start with these first. Looking forward to help from all corners. 🙂

One thought on “Let’s start with the school

  1. Sirji, glad you came up with the project. Happy to help a little. Will see after few days.


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