Daribokgre Village Pilot Project

Daribokgre is a village in the East Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. It has 35 households and is one the most scenic tourist places in the Garo HIlls offering stunning views of the hill ranges. We have already held the first meeting with the villagers explaining them this project and they are really excited and ready to work to transform their village into a model village. We have gone to each and every house of the village and talked to them about their issues. We will soon come up with a priority list and a Village Development Plan to take this pilot forward.

From the initial discussions, the first intervention that we wish to make is with the existing government school in the villages. The school building needs to be modernised and all possible facilities shall be provided. The school building has no electricity and we will try to Solar electrify it soon. The teachers their needs training and support. Because of the present conditions, the children of the village are walking 10 kms everyday to reach a private school in another village.

The village also does not have a building for the Anganwadi to function. However, there is an Anganwadi worker who is posted by the department and she operates from one room of school itself. We want to construct a new building for Anganwadi as soon as possible with all possible logistic support for it to function. We will look forward to some CSR helping us out on this one.

Many of the villagers are not even having the basic documents and IDs which are required to avail any government scheme. So special drive has will be organised to ensure that all residents of the village are having the necessary documents. A Village Coordinator has been selected after taking interviews of the youth and he will be the point of contact for all works to be done in the village.

We are really excited to start this project and we look forward to it becoming better in the next iterations. Let us use this pilot to learn and apply. We will keep posting the details of the development in the village through these blogs on our website. Come one and all, let us make Daribokgre a model village!

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